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About w3b...

Home of the Inventor of Things 2.0

We do Web

Simple, complex, serious or fun - whatever your need - We can help you leave your digital footprints all over the wild wild web!

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We do Print

From a traditional business card to a fancy flyer and a rooftop billboard - we'll get your name out there!

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We do Internet of Things

Put your thing on the internet! We have the tools, gears and gadgets needed to help your things interface.

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Creatively Different...

Established in 2001, the We in W3b have gained extensive experience in all things web, print and electronic. We've successfully built everything from a simply static classic website to a real-world data-driven machine-human interface, and we've had a lot of fun learning along the way - Often learning on the job and finding a way to make things work "on the fly!"

Put us to the test. we'll take on any interesting and exciting project you can throw at us, and, we work well under pressure. Challenge us!

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Web & App Design

We build classic static websites, functional Customer Relationship Management and real-world machine-human interfaces

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Products, places & People - we shoot them all using high-end camera equipment with powerful studio lighting

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From a simply traditional business card to a rooftop billboard. We create signage, branding and corporate imaging

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3D Printing CAD/CAM

3D printing and small scale CNC milling of prototypes, small production runs and once-off components in a hurry.

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Internet of Things

From a tiny battery powered thermometer to a diesel electric locomotive. We connect people and things via the net.

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Electronic Design

Computer aided design of electronic modules, network components and printed circuit board prototypes

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FairPlay Movement for CBR Marketing

FairPlay Movement for CBR Marketing :

Customised Wordpress CMS

W3b's IoT ONE

Our own IoT ONE controller

Linux powered IoT computer

Socialise & connect with great food

Brochure for JIT Group

Double sided A4 brochure for JIT Group

Shopfront Everything 4x4

Contravision shopfront for Everything 4x4

Kwaku Mineral Water

Product photography, brochures & Pop-up banners for Kwaku Mineral Water

Vehicle Branding for Threebee, our interweb car

Catalog site with customised online ordering functions for General Hinges

Evorail Asset Management

Custom Asset Management hardware & Software for Evorail





Introducing the enviro-ONE

Introducing the enviro-ONE

The enviro-ONE is a must have for monitoring a temperature controlled environment, such as medical & pharmaceutical fridge, cold storage or clean room.

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Introducing the IoT-ONE

Introducing the IoT-ONE

The IoT-ONE is our flagship linux powered single board computer designed to take in real world signals and produce human readable data, in other words, to put your THING on the internet!

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Meet Threebee, the Internet Enabled Car

Meet Threebee, the Internet Enabled Car

Threebee Internet Car is an "ego project" based on a collection of features we've built into other systems. An ego project is roughly defined as "we're doing it because we can / we like to show off our skills" so it's going to be a work in progress forever!

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